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FireBird CoaXPress frame grabbers

Active Silicon is turbo-charging imaging systems with its new range of FireBird CoaXPress frame grabbers.

The 4xCXP-12 acquisition card (PCIe Gen3 x8; CoaXPress v2.0) is the latest addition. With speeds up to 12.5 Gbps per link, it supports the fastest cameras on the market and allows acquisition of high-speed, high-resolution images in real-time. The board is ideal for single or multi-camera solutions in high-speed applications, such as industrial inspection. Based on a Gen3 PCI Express interface, the new frame grabber uses the ActiveDMA RISC-based engine to guarantee zero CPU intervention, providing high-speed and low-latency image data transfers. Long cable lengths are supported – up to 35m at 12.5 Gbps and 100m at 3.125 Gbps using Belden 1694A cable – or even longer lengths using thicker cables.

For more cost-sensitive projects, the 4xCXP12-3PE4 version offers excellent value and features. Similar in price to Active Silicon’s well-established CXP-6 quad frame grabber, this board supports CXP-12 for dual applications, as well as quad CXP-6, along with many of the advantages of the 3PE8 board.

Features of the new CoaXPress boards include:
• High-speed data, power and camera control all over a single cable.
• Fast PCI Express 4-lane and 8-lane Gen3 interfaces.
• ActiveDMA engine – RISC-based acquisition with zero CPU usage.
• Comprehensive I/O including end panel I/O.
• CoaXPress v2.0 support.
• Supports PoCXP (Power over CoaXPress).
• Micro-BNC connectors.
• Standard half-length PCI form-factor.
• Full GenICam support (including GenTL Producer).

All Active Silicon frame grabbers come with the easy-to-use, comprehensive ActiveSDK Software Development Kit which allows integrators to develop applications quickly and effectively, together with a range of third-party software drivers.


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