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Acquisition drivers for Neo sCMOS camera

Andor Technology has released acquisition drivers for the Neo sCMOS camera within the Meta Imaging Series of software for live cell microscopy from Molecular Devices. The drivers provide support for Andor's camera technology within both Metamorph and also the recently launched Metamorph NX platform.

The ultrasensitive, high speed Neo sCMOS is ideally suited to live cell imaging, offering a combination of 1 electron read noise at 30fps, a 5.5 Megapixel sensor (6.5µm pixel size) and dual amplifier technology for extended dynamic range performance. The MetaMorph software suite of products from Molecular Devices has been an integral part of the bioresearch imaging community for more than 25 years. Neo is supported from Metamorph version 7.7.5 and in Metamorph NX, and drivers for each are available for purchase direct from Andor Technology.


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