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Ace camera models

Basler has started series production of the next two models in the popular Ace GigE area scan camera series. The acA750-30gm and acA750-30gc are monochrome and colour models with resolutions of 752 x 580 and 748 x 576 pixels respectively. The models deliver 30fps using the Sony ICX409 interlaced sensor. The cameras are an ideal fit for all classic factory automation tasks, electronics inspection, and automotive production.

Due to their high sensitivity and low price, interlaced sensors are very popular in many inspection applications and are often used in analogue cameras. With the introduction of these Ace models, switching from analogue to digital is easier than ever. Because they have the same 29 x 29mm footprint, offer all the advantages of a digital camera, come with Basler's proven camera know-how, and feature the same or sometimes even a lower price, the new Ace models are an ideal replacement for analogue cameras with interlaced sensors.


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