Acal BFi to distribute Inno-Spec's hyperspectral imaging products

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Acal BFi, a market leader in spectroscopy and imaging solutions, is proud to announce the signing of a pan-European distribution agreement with inno-spec. This agreement allows Acal BFi to incorporate hyperspectral imaging systems into their extensive product portfolio.

Inno-spec has built a strong reputation in bringing innovative hyperspectral imaging systems (pushbroom imagers) and customised solutions to the market. Jean-Claude Sanudo, Business Development Director for Photonics, Acal BFi said “The partnership with inno-spec enables us to bring a unique and sophisticated imaging solution to customers throughout Europe. With inno-spec’s expertise in spectral imaging and our years of experience in providing spectroscopy and imaging solutions and advice, we are in great position to provide our customers with a complete photonics solution.”

Oliver Grass, CEO of inno-spec, added “This unique cooperation represents a major milestone, which is inno-spec’s first distribution partnership for the whole of Europe. We are proud to have engaged with such a strong partner who has great experience in spectroscopy. inno-spec’s technology has many key industrial uses and this new relationship will allow us to gain greater exposure throughout the European region. Acal BFI provides us a great opportunity to expand our market penetration into areas much more effectively to continue the positive growth of our company.”

Inno-spec’s product portfolio covers spectral ranges from deep UV (down to 190 nm) to MIR (up to 5 µm today) with diverse products ranging from miniature solutions to high-end high resolution options. Their imaging systems have broad applications including forensics (UV mainly), color/fluorescence measurement (VIS), food, agriculture, biotechnologies and remote sensing (VIS/NIR), recycling and pharmaceuticals (mainly NIR), mining, gas and chemicals (MIR) and more.