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90° angled head housing for Pilot cameras

Basler Pilot cameras are now available in a 90° angled head housing. The main improvement in the 90° housing version is a reduction in the camera depth. The total depth of the camera body, including the lens mount, is less than 42mm. The camera also has its connectors at the bottom rather than the rear, which expands their total depth by 20 to 30mm. Taking all of this into account, the Pilot fits well in many applications.

The cameras with the new housing have the same features as the standard housing Pilot cameras. In addition, enhanced mounting options on the front side of the 90° housing provide high stability in every application. There are four mounting screw holes available on the front of the housing, including two just below the lens mount. Four additional mounting screw holes are available on the back. This means that the camera can be very tightly connected to the user's system thus preventing the displacement or slippage due to tension on the connectors.


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