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4-40mm HD motorised zoom lens

Resolve Optics has designed and developed a 4-40mm HD motorised zoom lens, which provides users with true high definition imaging throughout its range of operation.

Designed for use with 1/3-inch 3-chip high definition cameras, the lens delivers high resolution (720-line progressive and 1,080-line interlaced) in a compact 10x zoom lens measuring only 84x70x70mm.

The high performance f/2.2 4-40mm HD zoom can focus on an object at 1,300mm through to infinity and at any object distance, the high definition image stays in focus throughout the zoom range (focus tracking).

Focus, Zoom and Iris functions are motorised with Swiss DC motors to provide smooth and precise movements. The lens also has adjustable back focus to ensure the sharpest image and top siding to place the control cable in a convenient position. As well as offering continuous image focus throughout the zoom tracking range a thread on the front of the 4-40mm HD Zoom enables a standard filter to be fitted without clipping or vignetting images.


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