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3D03/3D04 series

Photonfocus has increased the performance of its 3D03 and 3D04 camera series. Along with many minor improvements, automatic region of interest (ROI) tracking was implemented and the scan rate was increased significantly.

Many laser triangulation setups exhibit slowly varying surfaces with small height differences thereby forcing larger ROI parameters than desired. Photonfocus has addressed this issue by adding an automatic adjustment to the position of the ROI feature into the 3D03/3D04 series cameras that compensates for drifts. Unexpected shifts in the height for larger material defects are compensated by an automatic search function of the adjustment control module. In the search mode, the controller determines the line position with a larger user defined ROI and switches back again to the smaller ROI for higher scan rates. With this procedure only a few scans at high scan rates are lost.

The new 3D03/3D04 camera features are incorporated in the Photonfocus PF3DSuite software and fully supported by systems using Halcon or LabView software with drivers and comprehensive examples. The MV1-D2048x1088-3D03-760-G2 and MV1-D2048-3D04-760-G2 cameras have a GigE interface supporting the GigEVision and GenICam standards. The 3D03/3D04 cameras also feature several I/O lines and a complete RS422 shaft encoder interface. For industrial environments an optional HTL encoder interface is available.


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