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Solarscan-EL Multispectral Dual

Isra Solar Vision has introduced the Solarscan-EL Multispectral Dual, a system for the inspection of solar cells. It provides accurate defect classification resulting in the low false detection and therefore low false downgrading rates.

Operating at high speed, the system spots defects that are invisible to the human eye, and can improve maximum quality yield by up to three per cent, as well as save costs by reducing material loss.

The new generation electroluminescence inspection is able to characterise solar elements during mass production. Additionally it provides reliable distinction between material defects such as dislocations, changes in the material, foreign objects in the silicon etc., as well as process defects (cracks, finger interruptions, low efficiency regions, scratches, etc.) by the characterisation of solar cells with the new multispectral inspection method. This enables cell manufacturers to improve the quality control of the basic material leading to a significant increase in high-quality yield.



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