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36-page Measurement Product Guide 2016

Precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has published a new, 36-page “Measurement Product Guide 2016” that is packed with a host of innovative products.

The fully revised edition provides a summary of Micro-Epsilon’s comprehensive range of products, from sensors for displacement, distance, position and length measurement, to 2D/3D laser sensors for dimensional measurements, non-contact temperature sensors, thermal imaging cameras, optical micrometers and fibre optic sensors, colour sensors and LED analysers, sensors for specific OEM applications, and full turnkey measurement and inspection systems.

New products included in this edition are the optoNCDT 1320/1420, a groundbreaking range of laser triangulation sensors with integrated controller. These sensors offer machine builders, systems integrators and OEMs an unrivalled combination of technical benefits in terms of their compact size, performance (up to 4kHz measuring rate) and ease of installation.

Also included is the new confocal IFS2406, a high performing yet compact range of confocal chromatic sensors that are almost 60% smaller than their predecessors, enabling simpler integration into restricted spaces.

Other new products included in this edition are the capaNCDT 6110 range of capacitive sensors; the eddyNCDT 3001 and eddyNCDT 3005 series of eddy current displacement sensors; the scanCONTROL 29xx series of laser line profile sensors; thermoMETER CT Video/CS Video infrared temperature sensors with crosshair laser sighting and video output; the TIM G7 and TIM M1 USB thermal imagers for the glass and metal processing industries respectively; and the reflectCONTROL Compact measurement system for the detection of defects on shiny surfaces.

As well as providing information on sensor products, the catalogue also describes the various measuring techniques that the sensors employ, whilst providing application examples supported by photographs and illustrations wherever possible. The Guide also provides a technical specification summary for each sensor series, including selection factors such as measuring range, linearity, resolution, repeatability, measuring rate, profile frequency and response time.


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