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A-16F lens series

The Corning Varioptic product line of industrial lenses is expanding with the introduction of the A-16F Lens Series.

The A-16F is designed for ultra-compact cameras, such as barcode engines and industrial and medical endoscopes. This reduction of the outer diameter allows for higher integration in even smaller optical modules, maintaining high optical quality.

The A-16F lens features a 6.2mm outer diameter and 1.6mm clear aperture, it offers similar dynamic range as the existing A-series lenses from -5 to +15D, excellent optical quality, and fast response time. For easier integration the A16F lens can be ordered in its packaged version which includes a housing and a straight FPC cable.

In parallel to the launch of the A-16F lens we are creating a new C- series category, the C-H- series, with the C-H-A16F0-038 being the first product.

C-H-A16F0-038 integrates a fixed lens module and an A-16F0 lens in an M8 receptacle. This module has an effective focal length of 3.85 mm, F#2.2, can focus from infinity down to 7 cm, and is compatible with imaging sensor formats – up to 1/3’’. The module is built-in with an FPC cable, and can be connected to a standard 1 mm pitch FPC connector. It can therefore be very easily integrated in a standard M8 camera.


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