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16 Megapixel camera

JAI has added a 16 Megapixel high-performance CCD camera to the company's multi-tiered C3 Camera Suite. This progressive scan camera incorporates the Kodak KAI-16000 dual-tap sensor to deliver full 4872 x 3248 pixel resolution at 3fps. The camera is available in two models: AM-1600CL (monochrome) and AB-1600CL (raw Bayer colour). Both models feature Camera Link interfaces offering user-selectable 8-bit, 10-bit, or 12-bit output.

A series of pre-processing functions are built into the camera to achieve high image quality while offloading these tasks from the user's host PC. Available functions include a look-up table (LUT) to adjust image contrast (gamma correction), a built-in blemish compensation function to correct for defective pixels, automatic channel balancing, and a flat-field compensation function (available in monochrome models only) to correct for non-uniform sensor response using per-pixel gain and offset adjustments or image subtraction.

Image quality also benefits from JAI's precise alignment of the large 43.3mm diagonal sensor. JAI uses a variety of alignment procedures to ensure that the camera's CCD is centred on the optical path with less than ±0.1mm variance in the X and Y directions, ±0.05mm in the Z direction, and ±1 degree of rotation. 

Core applications for the AM-1600CL and AB-1600CL include flat panel LCD inspection, solar panel inspection, PCB inspection, 3D metrology, biometrics, and microscopy, among others. The cameras also include analogue video output for controlling auto-iris lenses, making them suitable for numerous high-end outdoor uses including surveillance, aerial imaging, and homeland security applications.  

AM-1600CL and AB-1600CL cameras can be ordered with either P-mount or F-mount lens mounts. Custom lens mount designs are also available for large quantity orders.


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