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Visiopharm and Hamamatsu announce reseller partnership

Visiopharm, a leading provider of quantitative digital pathology solutions, and Hamamatsu have announced an OEM agreement and reseller partnership for Visiopharm’s Quantitative Digital Pathology (QDP) solutions.

Under the partnership, Visiopharm will be an OEM for Hamamatsu’s new NDP.analyze software, a research tool for tissue image analysis, which is fully compatible with Visiopharm’s entire suite of QDP solutions. Hamamatsu will market and sell the entire suite of QDP solutions, including CloudAnalysis, DeployedAnalysis, Stereology, and Application Protocol Packages (APPs) from Visiopharm’s new APPCenter.

Hamamatsu, which produces NanoZoomer Digital Pathology (NDP) whole slide scanners, will expand its offering in digital pathology to include quantitative digital pathology. The full range of analysis solutions are integrated with the NDP.serve data management software. The software will be available directly from Hamamatsu worldwide.

NDP.analyze integrated with Visiopharm’s innovative solutions for QDP, will provide Hamamatsu customers with leading technology and flexible options, including analysis of NanoZoomer whole slide images in the Cloud and unlimited access to Visiopharm’s APPCenter.

Masafumi Oshiro, product manager at Hamamatsu Photonics, stated: ‘With the NDP.analyze and the software from Visiopharm fully integrated in the NDP environment, we are now able to provide a powerful image analysis solution. This powerful solution scales across the needs from individual academic researchers to large pharmaceutical companies with a regular and high-volume need for analysis.’


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