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Vision-guided robot communication software developed

New communication software between Matrox-based imaging systems and controllers from ABB and Fanuc has been developed to facilitate implementation of vision-guided robotics.

Matrox Imaging has announced new communication software that allows vision systems running Matrox Imaging software to interface directly, over an Ethernet link, with controllers provided by robot vendors.

The socket-based communication protocol was developed by Centre de Robotique et de Vision Industrielles (CRVI), a Quebec technology transfer centre which specialises in industrial robotics and vision applications.

‘Vision-guided robots are increasingly used in manufacturing industries around the world including food and beverage, automotive and pharmaceutical to improve quality, increase productivity, ensure safety and provide flexibility,’ said Moulay Akhloufi, director of R&D at CRVI. ‘This new communication protocol will help Matrox customers realise these benefits reliably and cost-effectively without the need to implement and integrate their own protocols.’


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