Vision 2011 Integration Area to show weld seam monitoring and more

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System integrators will provide their many years of experience and knowledge to end users in the Integration Area at Vision 2011, the international trade fair for machine vision, which will take place 8-10 November in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Integration Area is explicitly aimed at system integrators and solution providers. 'More end users came to the trade fair, even purposefully with parts to be inspected,' commented Florian Niethammer, project manager for the show at Messe Stuttgart. Around 25 per cent of visitors at Vision 2010 termed themselves end users.

Weno Maschinenbau will present an extension of the microscopic selective inspection system (µ-SIS). 'This system makes it possible to perform industrial quality tests with resolutions of less than 1µm,' commented Jürgen Kemenas from the sales and marketing department. The evaluation of a thin-film sensor with structures smaller than 30µm is one potential application.

Plasmo Industrietechnik will demonstrate real-time quality control for joining processes. The system integrator provides tailor-made solutions for laser power measurement, inspection of welding processes or monitoring of weld seams, geometric forms and surfaces.

In addition, CTMV, which supplies turnkey solutions for optical testing tasks in the automotive, metal working, extrusion, glass, ceramics, material handling and robotics industries, will present some of its solutions. One example is the optical inspection of industrial plate glass or glass objects for inclusions and bubbles from a size of 10µm and, in particular, determination of the depth of foreign particles or layer transitions within the glass to around 100µm precisely, depending on the material characteristics.

As well as the Integration Area, the Application Park will also feature first-hand demonstrations of the use of innovative machine vision technologies in quality testing.

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