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EMVA calls for Young Professionals award papers

The European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) has called for papers for its Young Professional award. The winner is to be announced at the association's business conference in Greece on 11-13 June 2015. The award aims to honour outstanding and innovative work of a student, or a young professional, in the field of machine vision or image processing.

Applications should contain an abstract of two pages in English, describing the work and author. The work has to be from the past 12 months and done by a student or young researchers based at a European University or research institute.

The work itself must be innovative work in the field of vision technology and with industrial relevance. The targeted industry is free of choice and commercialisation is possible but not required to be implemented already.

The winner will receive a free conference pass to the EMVA’s event, and all travel costs will be covered. At the show, the winning paper will be presented to industry leaders from around the world as well as relevant international press.

Deadline for submission of papers is 17 April 2015. The EMVA asks that submissions be sent to EMVA Secretariat, Natalia Soto, e-mail:

As the winner of the EMVA Young Professional Award 2014, Jakob Engel, a PhD student in the Computer Vision Group at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, spoke on the potential 3D imaging applications for his novel approach to real-time visual odometry using a monocular camera. 

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