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UV imaging at ultra-high speed

Resolve Optics has supplied a high-performance, eight-channel optical module to Specialised Imaging (SIM) to enable researchers to undertake UV imaging experiments at ultra high speed, using an ultra high-speed framing camera.

Using the new UV optical module and UV ICCD, the SIM camera can operate in the 230-400nm region optimally, allowing scientists to study phenomena that emit ultraviolet radiation during the initial phase, such as corona from a pre-streamer in electrical discharge studies.

Mark Pontin, managing director of Resolve Optics, said: 'Often customers have come to us because off-the-shelf UV optical components are either not available or do not match their UV intensifier/sensor resulting in a significant loss in throughput, resolution or even spectral range covered.

'The key to the success of the UV optics module are the novel beamsplitters that allow significant throughput in the target wavelength range. Resolve Optics designs optical elements out of fused silica or UV grade calcium fluoride to provide the best possible transmission in the UV range. Using proprietary UV antireflection multi-layer coatings we are able to achieve wide spectral coverage (200 to 600nm) and offer greater than 99 per cent transmission per surface.'


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