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Ulis appoints chief technical officer

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Ulis has appointed Dr Christel-Loic Tisse as chief technical officer. He will be responsible for setting the company's technology roadmap, expanding its intellectual property portfolio and leading product design and development. 

Dr Tisse brings 13 years of specialist knowledge in optical imaging science to Ulis. He has expertise in computational imaging, a multi-disciplinary field involving the co-design and joint-optimisation of optoelectronic methods, image sensors and image/video processing techniques. He also has industrial experience in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Jean-Francois Delepau, managing director at Ulis, commented: ‘Tisse’s international background and entrepreneurial spirit gives us full confidence in his ability to set the course for Ulis in new and emerging global markets.’

Ulis supplies high volume, infrared image sensors, known as microbolometers. The market for these IR products is expected to grow from USD 230 million in 2012 to USD 380 million by 2018, according to Yole Developpement, as reported in July 2013. The next growth opportunities are expected in automotive and smart building automation.

Dr Tisse joins Ulis from MTech-Imaging Pte, a Singapore-based company he co-founded that specialises in offering innovative low-light, night vision and thermal infrared imaging technologies. ‘I am highly motivated to lead this fantastic multidisciplinary team and take our infrared imaging business to the next level,’ said Tisse.

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