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Framos celebrates 30th anniversary

Industrial imaging distributor, Framos, has celebrated its 30-year anniversary. The family-run business was established by Bernd Franz in 1981.

Framos's dedication to the field of image sensor technology began early in its development in 1982 and the company was quickly able to offer its own products such as image sensors, camera modules and cameras. Framos covers three areas of business: imaging components, engineering for developmental projects, and imaging solutions for complete image processing systems.

CEO, Dr Andreas Franz, expects that further new products, services and ideas will be added to Framos's portfolio in the foreseeable future. The company also wants to expand geographically into markets in Eastern Europe, The Middle East and China. 'We are only just embarking on a journey of promising developments in image processing and we are grateful to be able to play our part, as a Bavarian company, in this exciting growth industry, and so have the opportunity to create jobs.'


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