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Stemmer appoints head of product and market strategy

UK sales and marketing director for Stemmer Imaging, Mark Williamson, has been appointed head of product and market strategy for the Stemmer Imaging Group. This new appointment is the latest step in the rationalisation of the group.

Williamson said: 'The four subsidiary companies within the group, Stemmer Imaging in Germany, Firstsight Vision in the United Kingdom, Stemmer Imaging Schweiz in Switzerland, and Imasys SAS in France all began trading under the name Stemmer Imaging from 1 January 2009. I will be running a team from all of these subsidiaries, looking for a cross-fertilisation of ideas. One of our tasks will be to look at key markets in all of the countries and see how they can be translated into group-wide opportunities. Naturally we will also be looking for new market opportunities as the group seeks to continue its impressive growth record.

'We will also be responsible for ensuring that the group's product portfolio maintains its reputation for excellence and suitability for our target markets as we continue to supply vision technology and services to industrial and scientific OEMs, system integrators and resellers,' he continued. 'There are many vendors of the components needed to design and build a computer vision solution including optics, lighting, cameras, interfaces and software and we will be making sure that the group continues to offer competitively priced products from a range of independent suppliers.'


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