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Armstrong Optical to represent Ophir for UK and Ireland sales

Armstrong Optical is to represent Ophir Infrared Optics for the UK and Ireland sales of its thermal imaging lens systems and optical imaging components products.

Ophir, a wholly owned subsidiary of Newport, designs and produces a full range of infrared (IR) optical elements and lenses for the defence, security and commercial markets including assemblies for medium and long wave IR thermal imaging cameras. This range covers large, over 200mm, IR optical components, a catalogue of lenses for both cooled and uncooled devices, with options of one, two and three fields of view as well as motorised continuous zoom lenses.

'In the past we have operated through "catalogue houses" or tried to address the UK market ourselves either from Jerusalem or Heerbrug in Switzerland,’ said Gaby Mühle, Ophir Optics Europe marketing and sales manager. ‘Penetration into the UK defence market is considered to be an important objective for Ophir Optronics, and with their extensive knowledge of this business area we consider Armstrong Optical to be the ideal partner to our sales team.’

For its ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facilities, component production processes at Ophir Optronics use all of the common IR materials for fabrication such as germanium, silicon, zinc selenide, zinc sulphide (IR and multispectral), calcium fluoride and the chalcogenide materials such as AMTIR.


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