Specialised Imaging to distribute Flash X-ray systems

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Specialised Imaging has reached an agreement with L3 Applied Technologies Pulse Sciences (San Leandro, CA, USA) to distribute the L3 PS line of Flash X-ray systems throughout Europe.

Flash X-ray systems provide a unique method of imaging very fast events, which cannot be captured using normal photographic techniques. X-ray images can be obtained in 20 to 50ns, even through smoke, fire and metal. Precise details of a test event can be recorded under harsh conditions. Specialised Imaging will offer the full line of L3 PS Flash X-ray products including systems with a nominal voltage of 150kV, 300kV, 450kV, 1MV and 2.3MV, the largest commercially available system on the market.

Wai Chan, managing director of Specialised Imaging, commented: 'The L3 Flash X-ray systems perfectly compliment our own range of ultra high-speed framing, still and ballistic range cameras. Our new Flash X-ray product portfolio offers customers investigating high-speed phenomena in environments where visible light will not penetrate.'

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