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Raptor bets on Gamble

Raptor Photonics has announced that Gamble Technologies (GTL) has been appointed as a distributor of its digital camera solutions in Canada.

GTL is one of Canada’s premier full service distributors of digital cameras for the scientific industry. GTL personnel have expertise in the technologies and markets of Raptor Photonics products, having sold into the field since 1998.

Raptor’s VP of sales and marketing Mark Donaghy said: 'We are very excited to partner with GTL, they have an excellent track record and close relationships with both academic and OEM customers across Canada. We see opportunities to grow our brand presence in the Canadian market and this relationship with GTL will help us accelerate this.'

GTL’s president Greg Gamble added: 'Raptor has an extremely impressive range of camera solutions which complements our range of Advanced Measurement Technology, detection products from Horiba Scientific and Ocean Optics and our analytical microscopy products from Horiba, Sensofar, and Craic.

'We are delighted to add the Raptor brand to our offerings and we see a tremendous opportunity to grow our business in the Canadian market.'


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