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Pleora's Vincent Rowley appointed Vice-Chair of GigE Vision Technical Committee

Vincent Rowley, a senior developer at Pleora Technologies, has accepted the role of vice-chair of the GigE Vision Technical Committee. Rowley takes over from Francois Gobeil, also a senior developer at Pleora, who's stepping down after three years in the position.

'Pleora remains firmly committed to GigE Vision, as evidenced by our ongoing participation, our tireless promotion of the standard, and our leadership in maintaining the Validation Framework for the GigE Vision committee,' said George Chamberlain, president of Pleora Technologies. 'Vincent has provided thought leadership on all GigE Vision matters for several years, both at the GigE Vision committee level and here at Pleora, and his formal involvement as the Vice-Chair with benefit the committee and the industry.'

'I'd like to thank Francois Gobeil for his hard work on the GigE Vision committee,' said Jeff Fryman, director, standards development at the Automated Imaging Association (AIA). 'His work on the Validation Framework has been invaluable, and I cannot thank him enough for that effort. We look forward to working with Vincent Rowley in the future.'

Vincent Rowley has been an active member of the GigE Vision and GenICam committees since 2006. He hosted the international GenICam and GigE Vision meetings in Ottawa in September 2007, and is recognised as an expert on the subject. Prior to joining Pleora, he held technical positions at HexaVision Technologies and Catena Network.

Outgoing vice-chair Francois Gobeil will remain intimately involved on Pleora’s GigE Vision and GenICam projects, and will follow both committee developments and proceedings closely.


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