Pleora and Dicas collaborate to broaden video transport options

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Pleora Technologies, a Canadian manufacturer of high-performance networked video connectivity solutions, and Dicas, the German video coding experts, have successfully completed interoperability testing between Pleora's EtherCast ASI-Pro ASI-to-IP gateway and Dicas' MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 encoders.

'This initiative is important to customers of both companies because it provides them with an integrated, fully tested solution for encoding broadcast video and transporting it in real-time from remote locations to central facilities over ASI,' said Rudi Rincker, vice president of business development at Pleora Technologies.

The interoperation between the products paves the way for IP video generated by Dicas encoders to be transported quickly and easily over standard ASI networks using Pleora's gateway.

'Our core competence lies in the development of professional encoding and decoding solutions for IP-based video contribution and distribution,' explained Dicas CEO Sebastian Moeritz. 'This cooperative partnership with Pleora gives broadcasters using Dicas codecs for outside broadcast and news gathering operations more flexibility in the field because they can choose between IP and ASI infrastructures, depending on the needs of the application.'

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