Photron APX-RS high speed camera wins award

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Photron has won an award from the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers for its contribution to science and measurement.

Photron’s APX-RS high speed imager won the product excellence award for its use in the study of particle image velocimetry (PIV), an optical method used to measure velocities and related properties in fluids. 

The camera improved performance, offered superior results and advanced understanding of an unsteady phenomenon in a turbulent, high-speed fluid, in the course of the research conducted at Kyushu University. 

Andrew Bridges, director of Sales and Marketing at Photron, said: ‘Photron’s high speed cameras have received a lot of attention in 2007.  The APX-RS is the high speed camera used in BBC’s Planet Earth series, resulting in the critically-acclaimed Shark Attack at Dawn sequence.’

The APX-RS is a slow-motion video imager that captures up to 3000 frames per second (fps) at 1024 x 1024 pixel resolution, up to 10,000 fps at 512 x 512 and up to 250,000fps at reduced resolution.

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