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Photovoltaic module manufacturer turns to inspection system

One of Europe's leading photovoltaic module manufacturers is using an inspection system from Opto Sonderbedarf to carry out high magnification assessment of its finished products.

Often, system-critical features such as micro-machined channels, micro circuits, interconnects, pixels, micro defects and other microscopic features, present a number of unique inspection challenges, requiring perfectly optimised illumination, flexible magnification, as well as precision positioning control of the object itself.

The SectorInspector system has been developed by Opto specifically to address these exact needs, enabling flexible, high resolution, high power magnification and inspection of microscopic features on large, planar samples, particularly large photovoltaic modules with dimensions of 1,200 x 640mm in this particular case.

SectorInspector offers a combination of perfectly optimised microscopic video inspection and illumination technologies integrated into one, easy-to-use system, which is able to operate autonomously for continuous inline inspection, or manually for detailed offline research and development. To complement this feature set, SectorInspector ships with its own comprehensive software suite, enabling fully programmable control over magnification, illumination parameters, cameras, and precision sample positioning.


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