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Photonfocus launches global shutter UV camera

Photonfocus has introduced a global shutter CMOS UV camera.

The new model – MV4-D1280U-H01-GT – has a quantum efficiency of 40 per cent from 170nm to 820nm, meaning it covers the UV, visible and near infrared spectra.

Photonfocus, however, says it is designed primarily for UV imaging applications such as laser profilometry, monitoring pantographs - the apparatus mounted on electric trains to collect power - semiconductor wafer inspection, in recycling, and UV laser or LED triangulation technology for transparent materials.

The camera has a frame rate of 140 fps at full resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 pixels. It has a 10GigE Vision interface for high-speed data transfer with cable lengths of up to 300m, and is supplied with a C-mount lens connection.

UV cameras are available, although Photonfocus says this model is the first global shutter UV camera, meaning there will be no distortion when imaging moving objects.

In October 2020, the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) announced it had developed the fastest camera in the world based on UV imaging – the camera is able to capture UV photons in real time.

The camera operates at 0.5 trillion frames per second. It will be used to study laser-plasma generation, which gives information about the properties of different materials, and UV fluorescence, which is important in medical imaging to identify biomarkers linked to diseases.


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