Olmec-UK expands design and integration teams

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Vision systems integrator, Olmec-UK, has announced the expansion of its mechanical design and on-site installation departments in response to significantly increased levels of business. Petra Millberg has joined the design group, while Andrew Pounder has strengthened the company's on-site systems integration team.

Millberg has a Masters degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Florida and is specialising in conceptual design and documentation on Olmec-UK projects. Using the latest 3D modelling techniques, she is involved in specifying the optics required for the particular project and ensuring that the cameras, illumination sources and optics can all fit into the available space and with the required geometry.

Pounder brings a wealth of experience of working with OEMs on installation and maintenance issues. With a strong background in the packaging industry, his remit includes testing, installation and commissioning of Olmec-UK systems as well as follow-up customer training.

Olmec-UK director, Mark Crump, said: 'These are two key areas of our business from the front end of getting the design concepts right in the first place to ensuring a smooth transition into our customers' application. Our two new members of staff have excellent interpersonal skills to back their technical expertise, which is another essential requirement in a systems integration environment where we work so closely with our customers.'

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