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National Instruments establishes Vision Specialty programme

National Instruments has established the Vision Specialty for NI Alliance Partner Network members that specialise in imaging and vision systems. The Vision Specialty includes NI Alliance Partners with experience in a range of industries, including consumer goods, food and beverage, pharmaceutics, robotics, electronics, automotive, semiconductor and medical imaging.

‘For almost 15 years, NI has provided software and hardware tools for vision applications to help engineers and scientists meet a diverse set of challenges,’ said Tony Vento, vice president of systems assurance and partners at National Instruments. ‘By establishing the new Vision Specialty, we’re recognising the expertise of our top Alliance Partners in the vision space.’

The following Alliance Partners are inaugural members of the Vision Specialty programme: Alliance Vision, Montelimar, France; Cyth Systems, San Diego, California; Graftek Imaging, Austin, Texas; and Qualimatest, Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland.


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