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Michelson Diagnostics opens US subsidiary

Michelson Diagnostics, a leading skin cancer imaging firm, has opened a US subsidiary and appointed Karen Miller Gillis as VP sales and marketing and general manager.

The new company is based in Massachusetts. Gillis brings 16 years' sales and marketing experience in the medtech industry to Michelson. Her previous experience includes three years as VP sales and marketing at Mpathy Medical Devices, a surgical products company.

'Karen's background in sales and marketing of pay-per-use billing will be hugely useful as we roll out our commercial expansion in the USA,' said Michelson Diagnostics CEO Jon Holmes.

'We believe that Michelson Diagnostics's product, the VivoSight OCT scanner, will provide dermatologists with new and useful information about what is happening below the surface of the skin of their patients who are receiving treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer.' said Gillis. 'Patients who suffer from non-melanoma skin cancer will also benefit from the non-invasive scan, which allows their dermatologist to check at prescribed intervals to ensure that treatment is progressing as expected, and in some cases potentially avoid the biopsy procedure and related waiting time.'


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