Lou Hermans appointed vice president of marketing and sales at CMOSIS

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Lou Hermans, co-founder and chairman of the board of CMOSIS, Antwerpen, Belgium, has been appointed vice president of marketing and sales. Hermans was one of the founders of image sensor company in November 2007.

In November 1999, Lou Hermans co-founded FillFactory, a spin-off of IMEC, developing, producing and commercialising CMOS image sensors. At FillFactory, Hermans took the role of senior vice president marketing and sales. Under his guidance, in 2004 the company achieved sales of some €24m. After the sale of the company to Cypress Semiconductor Corporation in August 2004 Hermans remained at Cypress until March 2006.

Guy Meynants, CEO of CMOSIS, describes the step as strategic: 'In his new role, Hermans will propel the worldwide business of CMOSIS. His vast experience will not only help us achieve higher turnover with our solutions, but will also provide us with a deep understanding of the demands of future markets.'

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