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LMI signs distribution agreement with Japan FA Systems

LMI Technologies has signed a distribution agreement with Japan FA Systems Corporation (JFAS) for an additional sales channel in Japan for LMI's maestro, HexSight and FireSync product lines. LMI Technologies has an office in Goteborg, Sweden and Heerlen, The Netherlands.

Naoyuki Kani, CEO of JFAS noted that, 'both LMI and JFAS share similar business ethics. We both place a lot of energy on providing the best customer service.'

Kani has a 20-year relationship with his current partners in the machine vision industry and LMI has 30 years of technical know-how in vision sensor technology. 

Traditionally, LMI is recognised for its Sensors That See brand that is focused on sensor solutions for specific niche markets in wood manufacturing, rubber and tyre, transportation, or agriculture. But in 2007, LMI moved into the general machine vision industry with its FireSync component based platform for vision engineers. This was followed by the recently launched Maestro product line.


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