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Lidar speed enforcement system fit for use on Slovenia's roads

Vitronic's lidar speed enforcement system PoliScan Speed has been granted official approval in Slovenia by the Slovenian Institute of Metrology. Both stationary and mobile systems can be used, providing non-invasive speed enforcement on three lanes of traffic. Tailgating drivers, lane changes and overtaking vehicles can all be fully enforced.

The stationary version of PoliScan Speed is installed in a vandalism-proof aluminium housing. At the core of both systems lies laser technology and this allows multiple vehicles to be tracked and captured over multiple lanes. Vehicle-specific speed detection allows drivers travelling parallel or tailgating other vehicles to be enforced. Another advantage for system operators is that in-road equipment such as sensors and loops is not required. If a driver is caught speeding a digital photograph of the vehicle is stored along with additional case data.

The system has already been given approval in Lithuania, Romania, Estonia and Hungary. Vitronic's partner company SG Biro will be providing sales, service and maintenance support in Slovenia


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