Japanese Century Arks releases event-based camera

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Japanese camera manufacturer, Century Arks, has released an industrial event-based camera using Prophesee's neuromorphic vision sensor.

The Silky EvCam is designed to address a range of industrial machine vision applications, such as high-speed counting and vibration monitoring.

Event-based vision is an imaging method that records changes in a scene rather than capturing an image frame by frame. Prophesee's Metavision event-based vision sensor reduces the amount of data collected in a scene by up to 1000 times compared to traditional frame-based techniques, significantly improving performance. It delivers high-speed vision (>10,000fps time-resolution equivalent), lower power operation (<2.5W camera total) and supports a wide dynamic range (>120dB) that makes it suitable for operation in demanding lighting conditions.

The Silky EvCam camera is also supported by Prophesee's Metavision software suite to help engineers implement event-based vision technology in machine vision systems. The suite consists of 62 algorithms, 54 code samples and 11 ready-to-use applications.

The Silky EvCam is available for production orders. Mr Saito, CEO of CenturyArks, said the new camera 'offers a dramatic increase in the performance of sensing capabilities, AI processing and deep learning systems required in key areas such as predictive maintenance, manufacturing, factory automation, robotics and security.'

SynSense has combined event-based image sensing technology with a 320,000-neuron processor to deliver real-time vision processing at milliwatt power consumption

30 March 2023

Harald Wuest (centre) receiving the award from Anne Wendel, director of VMDA Machine Vision, and Messe Stuttgart's Florian Niethammer. Credit: Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH

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The Prophesee team. Credit Prophesee

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