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Imaging keeps food fresh at hypermarket distribution hub

Datalogic has provided imaging technology for a French hypermarket chain allowing temperature- and time-critical control of perishable goods. The NVS9000 system was installed at the chain’s distribution centre, based in southwest France, to optimise the distribution of fresh produce.

Through implementing the system the hypermarket can ensure that one hour after products arrive from the external supplier, the goods are in delivery trucks on their way to the retail store. The system’s configuration allows for requirements specific to the hypermarket chain. As one of France’s market leading retailers, the company operates 16 logistics hubs throughout the country from where all products are dispatched to the Group’s 400 plus hypermarkets.

Systems integrator Actemium, who worked closely with Datalogic on the project, said this goal was achieved through the use of Datalogic’s NVS9000, with its high read rate and image quality.

The system currently in place at the hypermarket’s centre involves five cameras covering five input areas, with the ability to scan and read items processed on the available sorting systems running at one metre per second, irrespective of size or barcode type.

In a further development, Datalogic’ s dimensioner DM3500 was also installed following a request by the customer for a product volume dimensioning solution. This optimises the dispatch operation and provides data on pallets which can be used to determine truck size for delivery or shared consignments destined for specific hypermarkets.


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