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Imaging aids consultation process at TWI

Research organisation, TWI, now has the capability to provide live-streaming videos of microscopy images of its manufacturing samples. The organisations says it is the only company to use specialised webcams connecting the trinocular and stereo microscopes to the Webex system to provide a live video feed of this analysis directly to the client.

By analysis of microscope images, accurate measurements may be made of features including pits, cracks, coatings, grain sizes and volume/area fractions of the different microstructural features.

This technology not only allows the client to view the analysis process but to have an active role within it. A client can ask questions and draw attention to specific areas of the images on the screen in order to have queries resolved immediately by TWI experts.

If a sample is on site and cannot be transferred to the laboratory, replicas of each etched surface can be taken using specially prepared acetate which replicates the material’s microstructure in a form that can be subjected to high light microscopy.


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