Hyperspectral sensor delivered for Japanese remote sensing satellite

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Headwall Photonics has completed the design, manufacture, and test of the space-qualified hyperspectral sensor payload for NT Space, a technology supplier and integrator of satellites and spacecraft. The Headwall sensor systems have been delivered to NT Space for integration onto a Japanese remote sensing satellite mission.

The Hyperspec Space sensors offer government programmes and commercial satellite providers the ability to deliver new data services and imagery with a very small, affordable sensor payload that covers the VNIR (380-1,000nm) and SWIR (950-2,500nm) spectral regions.

With many years as an instrument supplier to NASA, Headwall was selected by NT Space to manufacture spectral imaging instrumentation in support of the scientific and remote sensing applications of the Japanese satellite mission. Japan's satellite will offer a commercial hyperspectral data service. Hyperspectral imagery is a critical technology in that it offers the remote sensing community the ability to detect not only the presence of objects but also identify, characterise, and quantify objects within the field of view of the satellite.

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