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Headwall buys software and optics firms

Headwall Photonics has acquired Netherlands-based spectral software provider, PerClass, along with US optics company Holographix.

PerClass's Mira spectral analysis software package is designed for spectral image analysis for machine vision applications in research, industrial, and various commercial deployments.

Headwall’s Hyperspec MV.X already uses the software to create spectral classification models and deploy them in applications such as the detection of food contamination, material sorting in recycling, and grading fruit and nuts.

Meanwhile, Holographix will enhance Headwall's manufacturing processes, and ultimately its hyperspectral imaging business.

Holographix designs and manufactures diffraction gratings, microlens arrays, diffusers, diffractive waveguides and other custom optics. It has replication technology able to reproduce any kind of surface relief structure on an optical element, from macro-surfaces such as mirrors or lenses, to nano-structures with feature sizes less than 10nm.

This shortens the time to prepare optical masters, such as the master holographic gratings that Headwall manufactures. Holographix says its UV replication process takes a matter of minutes to reproduce the optic.

Don Battistoni, President of Headwall, commented: ‘Adding Holographix’s replication technology immediately opens channels to new customers and markets as well as new products and capabilities for existing customers of both companies.’

He said: ‘The added ability to fabricate high precision micro-lens arrays, structured diffusers, waveguides, and replicated mirrors facilitates value-add within our current customer base and opens the door to adjacent high-volume applications.’

Headwall and Holographix both have manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts.


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