GenICam 2.3 released

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Version 2.3 of the GenICam standard has been released, which includes support for ARM processors under Linux.

GenICam provides plug-and-play capability on both the API- and feature-level of cameras and other related devices. With mobile and embedded technologies skyrocketing in use, the GenICam technical committee saw a need to ensure that the standard provided support for ARM processors.

Dr Fritz Dierks, chair of the GenICam committee, commented: ‘There is a huge appetite within our industry to go embedded and ARM processors are a popular choice to help make this happen. In addition, both the consumer and industrial markets are embracing smart technologies and, naturally, this includes cameras.’

The speed at which software can connect to cameras and other devices has been increased with GenICam 2.3. It also now provides support for Camera Link 2.0.

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