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Frankfurt Laser to distribute Elite Optoelectronics lasers

Frankfurt Laser Company has signed a distribution deal with Elite Optoelectronics of China.

Elite Optoelectronics designs and manufactures high quality laser diode modules at a competitive cost for a wide range of applications including within the military (illumination, surveillance, target designation), industrial (machine vision, alignment, process control), medical (patient positioning, LLLT, photodynamic therapy, dental and surgical equipment), and research sectors.

With an operating voltage of 3-24VDC and a broad ambient temperature operating range from -20°C to +60°C, the modules are also static, surge and reverse-polarity protected and CDRH/RoHS and DIN norms compliant.

Elite Optoelectronics supplies high quality OEM laser diode modules with emissions from 520nm to 1,064nm, visible up to 200mW and 780nm to 1,064nm, up to 10W in the near infrared region.


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