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FPGA training webcast available

Matrox Imaging has released a series of webcasts of its FPGA training programs on the company’s website. The on-line training is intended for software developers who need to interface, control and create FPGA configurations with Matrox Imaging’s hardware and software products: Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) and Matrox FPGA Developer’s Toolkit (FDK).

The FPGA training webcast consists of two parts. In Part One, viewers will learn the methods of offloading selected MIL functions to the FPGA, as well as optimising, from a software perspective, both standard and custom FPGA configurations using the MIL Mfpga API. VHDL/FPGA developers will gain a firm understanding of how software will interact with their design.

In Part Two, FPGA/hardware developers will learn how create new FPGA configurations for the Matrox Solios and Matrox Odyssey Xpro+ products and be able to grasp the FPGA development flow from resource estimation through to debugging. This training explores the components provided in the Matrox SOPC library as well as the Matrox development tools.


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