Flir Systems announces acquisition of Ifara Tecnologias

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Flir Systems has acquired Ifara Tecnologias, a provider of middleware and client application software used to create sensor networks.

Based in Madrid, Spain, Ifara develops software technology, hardware, and developer tools used for the creation and maintenance of sensor networks for applications such as security and surveillance, force protection, reconnaissance, and maritime.

Ifara's middleware sensor platform, known as Nexus, is a turnkey solution based on an open, modular and flexible architecture. Nexus offers connectivity and integrated control of a variety of different sensors, including thermal and CCTV cameras, fence and ground sensors, alarm contacts, UAVs and radars. With Ifara's technology, Flir will be able to provide its customers with the capability to integrate a wide variety of sensors as required for any given project.

Flir anticipates that Nexus will ultimately become a standard feature in many products within Flir's Commercial Vision Systems and Government Systems divisions. In addition, the features available with Nexus, such as geo-referencing and video analytics will be sold separately to integrators and other customers. Ifara will operate as a separate business unit within Flir's Commercial Vision Systems division and be known as Flir Networked Systems.

'We are pleased to announce this transaction,' commented Earl Lewis, chairman, president and CEO of Flir. 'Ifara has been an outstanding partner to Flir over the past several years and we believe bringing them in-house will accelerate the adoption of Ifara's complementary technology and help drive growth in key Flir market segments. We welcome Ifara's skilled and experienced team to Flir.'

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