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Firstsight Vision director joins Visual Information Engineering committee

Firstsight Vision director Mark Williamson has joined the committee of the Institute of Engineering and Technology’s Visual Information Engineering technical and professional network (TPN).


The scope of the Visual Information Engineering TPN covers all aspects relating to the generation, processing, communication, understanding and presentation of visual information. This includes image processing, machine vision, pattern recognition and computer graphics. The VIE network is intended to act as a community for the growth and exchange of this specialist knowledge in engineering and technology.


Williamson is also chairman of the UK Industrial Vision Association and joins UKIVA director, Don Braggins, on the VIE committee. The IET has organised five international conferences related to the field of Visual Information Engineering. The 5th IET Visual Information Engineering 2008 Conference (VIE 2008) will be held in Xi'an, China, 29 July to 1 August 2008. It will address fundamental elements of image, video and graphics research and development. Key technical areas include the growing convergence of computer graphics and computer vision/image processing which is an increasingly important area in commercial multimedia applications development.


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