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Face tracking and animation system transforms models' faces

A Japanese producer and technical director, Nobumichi Asai, has created a system that projects animated images onto a person's face to transform the model with futuristic effects. The system, called Omote, uses real-time face tracking to map a projection onto a model's face.

Omote can project digital makeup and cosmetics onto the face, as well as transform the model’s appearance with various futuristic effects.

The system first scans the face with a laser, while discrete markers placed on the skin allow the camera software to track where the face moves. In this way, the animation can be projected onto the face in real-time as the person moves their head.

It is unclear how quickly the system can operate in terms of how fast the model can move their head, but the detail and accuracy of the effects in controlled conditions is superb.

For a video showing the capabilities of Omote, click here.

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