Caliber Imaging and Diagnostics to exhibit poster at cosmetic chemistry event

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Caliber Imaging and Diagnostics will exhibit a poster on confocal microscopy at the Society of Cosmetic Chemists 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting and Technology Showcase, to be held 12-13 December in New York, USA.

The poster, titled ‘In Vivo Reflectance and Fluorescence Confocal Microscopy for Quantitative Cutaneous Measurements’, was co-authored by Christi Alessi Fox, director of clinical activities at Caliber, and Allison Herschell, clinical associate. The poster presents basic applications of reflectance and fluorescence confocal microscopy for evaluating specific features of the skin, and describes the methodology for capturing images and performing calculations.

L. Michael Hone, CEO of Caliber, said: ‘Our VivaScope(R) systems have played an important role in testing and analysis for the cosmetics industry. By using Caliber's VivaScope technology to substantiate claims, our clients have shortened their product-development cycle. We look forward to presenting the poster to this group of cosmetic scientists who are focused on learning about new research in the industry, and communicating how our technology can help them in their roles.’

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