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Caeleste and PCO to collaborate on CMOS technology

Caeleste and PCO have announced a collaboration to explore and develop CMOS image sensor technology.

Caeleste is a Belgium-based designer and supplier of custom CMOS image sensors, and specialises in high performance applications in the field of space, medical and scientific imaging. PCO produces specialised low noise, high speed video camera systems for scientific applications.

Patrick Henckes, CEO of Caeleste, said: ‘We are very happy to be able to team up with of one of the most advanced scientific camera manufacturers in the world.'

Dr. Emil Ott, CEO of PCO, commented: ‘We are excited to start together with the experts of Caeleste to explore new frontiers in image sensors. We are looking forward to what the combination of Caelestes' know-how and creativity paired with our technical skills in camera design might achieve.’


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