BitFlow extends distribution agreement with Phaer

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BitFlow, a provider of video frame grabber technologies for machine vision, has extended its distribution agreement with Phaer Computer Vision Consultants and Components that makes Phaer its distributor in the Benelux economic union countries of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Phaer has distributed BitFlow frame grabbers in Belgium since 2009, but this is the first time it will distribute throughout the entire Benelux region.

'With its excellent service and depth of experience Phaer has proven to be a trusted partner of BitFlow,' explained Donal Waide, director of sales for BitFlow. 'A strong distribution channel here is critically important to us. Phaer has been a very successful partner of BitFlow and we are confident that this success will continue with their larger territory.'

'We are delighted to expand our territory with BitFlow, a company that fits Phaer's model as a computer vision technology transfer company,' noted Koenraad Van der Veere, general manager and founder of Phaer. 'BitFlow is an innovative, dynamic company that represents the values we've successfully built our business upon.'

Benelux countries represent a diverse customer base for BitFlow, with opportunities in both traditional machine vision applications and in emerging non-industrial areas, such as medical technology, traffic monitoring, life sciences and entertainment. Phaer's proven capabilities in these markets provide BitFlow with a true partner to expand its reach and accelerate demand.

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