Basler expands camera production in Germany

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Basler has expanded its camera production at the company headquarters in Ahrensburg, Germany, doubling the area for circuit boards.

Production manager Carsten Ohrt, who has been supporting the expansion process, is enthusiastic about the opportunities that it presents: 'With our new systems, we now have the technology in place to meet the challenges of the future and have increased our production capacity by 60 per cent. Because of the superb planning and collaboration between Basler employees and our partners, the conversion and expansion processes went smoothly. We were able to integrate the new systems into our regular workflows very quickly and put them in operation promptly.'

For many years, Basler has been continuously investing in production capacity. These latest moves have prepared the company to further expand its core business of digital cameras. In recent years, this segment has repeatedly set new records for orders, sales and earnings at Basler. For instance, in fiscal year 2011 revenue from the sale of cameras increased by more than 13 per cent to 46.1 million euros (2010: 40.7 million euros).

Chief operations officer Arndt Bake expects this trend to continue: 'New application areas for digital cameras are constantly being found, and so we see even greater potential for our products worldwide. Basler’s policy of constantly investing in production has put it in an outstanding position to achieve further growth in existing and new markets. In particular, I’m really pleased that our increasing productivity has helped us to improve our international competitiveness and allowed us to continue to keep our German location busy and its jobs secure.'

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