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Healthcare manufacturer installs vision inspection system

Olmec-UK has installed the first Quality Station vision system at a leading healthcare product manufacturer.

The system is being used to inspect a range of plastic and glass bottles and cylindrical containers. It checks for the presence, height and angle of bottle caps and to make sure that they are securely located. Fill levels are also checked for transparent bottles.  

Each Quality Station is equipped with the appropriate illumination, camera, control software and reject and failsafe mechanisms for the particular application. This system is equipped with infrared illumination and the camera height is adjustable to handle different products and bottle sizes.

In addition, for this application, two control consoles were supplied. One is used for setting up different operating recipes and the other displays the recipes themselves, highlighting the versatility of the system. Thirteen operating recipes were set up initially and statistics are available for batch runs to provide reasons for any product rejections.

An extensive range of failsafe checks has been built into the system.  For example, if three consecutive products are rejected for the same reason, the line stops to allow further investigation.

The system is equipped with a variety of sensors to check the correct spacing of product as it approaches the camera, and to also stop the line if rejected product is not detected on the reject belt or good product is not detected on the outfeed conveyor.


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