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Andor Technology launches scientific imaging competition

Andor Technology has launched a worldwide competition rewarding visually stunning and scientifically captivating images, spectra, graphics and movies.

The Andor Insight Awards are open to entries generated through the use of Andor equipment regardless of technique or application. A winner will be selected from one of three categories: Physical Sciences, Spectroscopy and Life Sciences. The overall winner will receive an Andor optimised Alienware PC.

'We are proud to see that a significant amount of cutting-edge research is carried out with Andor products and systems by researchers all over the world,' said Donal Denvir, Andor's technical director and Insight Awards jury member. 'I am confident that the Andor Insight Awards will highlight the phenomenal advances in scientific discovery alongside technological innovation in the photonics industry.'

The entry deadline for the awards is 31 August 2010 and contestants can submit an unlimited number of entries. Early entrants will be displayed on the company's website shortly after submission. Winners will be publicly announced at the end of September 2010.


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